Vibrate Energy 

Sound Immersion

"The gong sound erases all other sounds around you and you are just in this ocean of rolling waves and layers and layers of tones. And the tones go right through the body." - Don Conreaux

I invite you to luxuriate in a total sound immersion surrounded by nature in my sound chamber, nestled under a large live oak tree here in Ojai. 

During this private gong sessions, or a "gongbath", you will comfortably bath in the sound vibrations.  Gongbath was coined by my teacher, Gongmaster Don Conreaux, which produces a multitude of rich penetrating sounds generated by the gongs, as if you are floating in a bathtub surrounded by warm water, buoyantly relaxing  into a deep, meditative state of being. 

The gong sounds affect you on a mental level, an emotional level, a spiritual level to cleanse you as a form a purification. Washing away any worries, obstacles or cares that stand in your way of clarity and creativity. The calming effect of the gong tones on the brain and the nervous system aid in releasing tension and blocked energy. Not only do you hear the gong sound but you also feel its vibrations on and inside your body. 

The resulting feelings reach into the depths of your psyche. The intention of this total sound immersion is to disengage you from your mundane mind and to fluidly journey along with the imagination. 

A gongbath is not to be considered a musical performance; since it does not have a formal structure and the wave of sounds produced by the gongs are not tempered music.