Gong Experiences

My first experience with a gongbath - Kristan gracefully made me feel at ease and comfortable. I found that I readily relaxed into the experience. Her studio is tastefully and acoustically designed for the sonic bath. 

The gongs filled the space around me and soon I felt as if I was swimming through the ocean. As the sonority grew, I felt more like I was diving deep into myself. I swam through different parts of my body as the sounds shifted. 

Afterwards I felt like I had been on a journey and I would love to go there again. Kristan was sensitive to my experience and reactions during and after the gong bath. I would love to experience a gong bath again with Kristan and see where the sounds take me.

Edie ~ Oakland, CA

Kristan is a talented guide through an intriguing sonic journey. 

Like most things in life, one has to arrive and lie back with an open mind. As a passenger what is the goal you wish to achieve? 

Since this was my first time hearing/feeling a sonic bath I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it was, I traveled to beaches and gazed out the portholes of spaceships!!! The way the gong's attack and decay swirl around you and resonate through you are fascinating… I believe with further exploration soreness/aliments could be addressed. Can a gong bath help arthritis or mitigate a flu? Quite possibly. 

Regardless of the range of results achievable with this therapy Kristan welcomed my wife and I into her 10 sided audio temple with grace and kindness. I would love to go back and listen again. 

Derek ~ Oakland, CA

Kristan's sacred space was the perfect environment for having a "begonged"  session. Her space has a really nice energy and I was surrounded by a room full of gongs.  I immediately felt very relaxed. We began the session with me lying down on a pillow bed and Kristan putting different stones on my body to keep me grounded.  She explained that she has a series of different instruments that she would be using in the session.  We started out with the gong and I immediately felt my body shifting into another frequency.  The more I let go and allowed the energy of the instruments to move through me,  I found myself opening up and drifting back to  my "8 year old self". This experience led me to a childhood memory of being at a cottage home on a lake where I use to spend a lot of time as a child.  The instruments led me back to feeling the connectedness of nature.  It was a beautiful experience. 

As a former body worker and Ayurvedic practitioner,  I could feel that the "Begonged" session also activated the chakras and nadi points in the body.  The lower tones activated the lower chakras and the higher tones activated the higher chakras.  As you are bathed in the frequencies of the session,  your whole body gets activated and you are shifted into a higher frequency level.  When you are able to change your frequency you are able to have magical experiences and see things more clearly. Kristan is able to take you on a sacred journey of the self by allowing the instruments to work through her.  Simply amazing! 

Lisa ~ Ojai, CA

Kristan welcomed me into the most cozy warm, mystical room filled with magic and wisdom and I lay down on a warm futon mattress and was covered up. Upon closing my eyes I was sent into another dimension of sounds and sensations that have had a profound effect of relaxation, inspiration, warmth, vision and somehow being welcomed back into LOVE.  Hard to describe, extremely healing on a soul level. I want more of "that state".

Niedra ~ Ojai, CA

Thank you for the wonderful gong bath. I felt totally relaxed. My thoughts settled down and I went into a deep meditative place that is difficult to achieve on my own with guided meditations. The sound waves totally resonated with my body.

Bobbye ~ Bend, OR

Kristan gave my husband and me a "begonged" session in her amazing studio. It was a very relaxing experience and raised my frequency so much that I was at peace for days afterwards. The session distressed me and I wanted more. Thank you Kristan.

Carlisle ~ Oak View, CA

I had a very relaxing and therapeutic experience. I was able to get lost in the sounds and focus on my body's reaction to the gongs. During the experience I went into a dream state with vivid images. In our fast pace world it is necessary to take time for relaxation and reflection and I was able to experience both with the gongs.

Maggie ~ Denver, CO

In November 2014, I had the privilege to receive a Gong Healing session with Kristan. I had a profound experience, physiologically healing as well as energetically, expanding my heart. I believe this transpired due to Kristan's open heart, integrity and her commitment to make a profound difference with her "Call".

Patricia ~ Palm Desert, CA